Crocodilian Capture Safety Training



The Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary is happy to invite you to our first annual crocodlian capture safety traning day (ccst) May 18,2020 beginning at 2pm. RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY BY CALLING (269)-729-4802 OR CLICKING THE PICTURE ABOVE FOR ONLINE RESERVATIONS.




The amount in which animal control is running into crocodilians in Michigan is increasing. We took in more than 10 alligators last year alone from animal control in the surrounding areas. Knowing how to catch, transport and care for the animals safely, will protect both your officers and the animals.





This event will be a classroom experience covering the safe catch transport and care of crocodilians, physiology and general species identification. After the classroom event each participant will catch, secure and transport an alligator using the knowledge gained in the classroom. That's right you are going to go hands on with a live alligator!!!!!!






$59/person if you register 5 or more participants

Please call for any questions or concerns.




The Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary

1698 M-66 Athens MI 49011

(269)-729-4802 line 1

(269)-213-9786 line 2

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